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11/24/20 07:32 AM #22    


Diana Hart (Paris)

Thank you to everyone on the reunion committee for all that you are doing to make our 50th reunion possible.

We appreciate everything being done.  I know it will be great!  Looking forward to seeing everyone there.  

I also wanted to wish you all a very Happy Holiday season and pray you all stay safe and healthy during this pandemic.

I also pray 2021 is a much better year for everyone.  

With many thanks,

Diana (Hart) Paris





11/24/20 08:25 AM #23    

Sue Stephens (Chicka)

Wow!  I can't believe all the people from school year memories speaking again through this site, so cool.  A big hug with blessings to Rod, Jerry, Tom, Diane, Terry, and all those women working on reunion committee.  Each bring smile to my heart.  
I want to second Diane's comment for Heath during this pandemic!

11/24/20 07:57 PM #24    


Rod Warren

Thank you Diane for reaching out to some classmates who had not joined our website. Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement from a friend. And Sue, it is nice to have you back after so many years. We will soon be posting names of the few classmates our committee has been unable to track down so that we all be of use in finding them. In the meantime,  Happy Thanksgiving classmates.


11/24/20 09:14 PM #25    


Debbie Reynolds

Hello to all! Rod, I want to thank you & all of the committee members for the hard work you've been doing. Looking forward to seeing all of you next year. I hope you all have a very wonderful Thanksgiving! Stay safe & healthy!
Debbie Reynolds & Opie.

11/25/20 08:59 AM #26    


Rod Warren

Hi Debbie. Thank you for the encouragement. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Opie. Best wishes old west Hobart friend.

11/25/20 02:35 PM #27    


Peggy Neier (Schammert)

Hello Classmates!  It has been such a joy to share in the planning of our 50th Class Reunion and I'd like to say that all of us are committed to having the best reunion ever!. It's been great getting together and share stories and ideas that will make this a success. We have all worked diligently to find our classmates but our research has left us unable to find all of them. We will be posting a list of ones we were unable to find here on our website, so please check back to see if you can help locate them.  I  am thrilled to be seeing so many messages and especially would like to welcome Jerry and Tom into the 21st century!!  wink I'm sure you guys aren't the only ones!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next year and hoping all stay welll and safe during these difficut times. God Bless and  Happy Holidays to you and yours~

11/25/20 09:58 PM #28    


Jerry Kettle

I want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving!

11/25/20 11:47 PM #29    


Debbie Reynolds

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family Jerry.

11/26/20 12:33 AM #30    


Rod Warren

This is why/ you all are why we have the very best class ever. Happy Thanksgiving class of 1971. 

11/26/20 12:06 PM #31    


Debbie Reynolds

Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours Rod!

11/26/20 12:08 PM #32    

James Swain

Happy Thanks Giving to all of you.


11/26/20 09:39 PM #33    


Jerry Kettle

My younger son (Ryan) asked for some "Guy Food" recipes that would not be difficult to prepare.  I started him out with the bratwurst, grilled potato and baked bean meal below.  Does anyone have a favorite they would like to share?

“Guy Food” Recipe


  1. Purchase a flavorful pack of bratwursts (Johnsonville is a good choice).
  2. Fill an appropriately sized pot (depending on how many brats you are going to cook) with enough beer such as Budweiser (not lite beer) to cover the brats.
  3. Bring the beer to a slow boil, turn down the heat to medium-low, and simmer the brats for 10 minutes. They should be mostly cooked (aka par-boiled) and will finish cooking when you grill them.
  4. For the best flavor, finish cooking them (to a golden brown on every side) over a charcoal grill – Do not overcook!  They still taste great if grilled on a propane gas grill.
  5. Serve on a hotdog or brat bun.  If the buns are not soft, wrap them in a paper towel, flick a tiny splash of water on it and put in a microwave for seven (7) or eight (8) seconds.
  6. Add condiments of your choice such as yellow mustard and onions.

Grilled Potatoes

  1. In an aluminum pie pan or 8” x 8” pan, cut 4-6 medium sized potatoes into approximately 1’ cubes.
  2. Slice 1 small onion into rings and lay on top of the potatoes.
  3. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  4. Place 4 Tbsp of butter on top.
  5. Cover with foil.  Place on the grill (400 deg. / medium heat) over “indirect” heat for about 30 minutes.  The potatoes will be brown and crisp on the bottom.


Serve the bratwurst and grilled potatoes with warmed up pork and beans for a satisfying meal.

11/27/20 08:23 AM #34    


Rod Warren

Congratulations and good luck to the 2020 HHS football team in their class 4A championship playoff game today, Friday Nov. 27, 2020.  Hobart plays Indianapolis Roncalli for the 4A title at 2 p.m. today.  The IHSAA is offering pay per view through a website broadcast.  Go to to subscribe/aquire the game.

You may have to play the game on your computer.  You may lbe able to link the game from computer to TV screen via a HDMI cable and changing your TV (menu) input source to the assigned input of the HDMI port you use.

Good luck Hobart and to us dinosaurs who will try to get the game!

11/27/20 10:50 AM #35    


Rod Warren

I may have posted an incomplete link for the state playoff game.  Thank you Gary Lowery for the following link:

you may use this link to navigate to the Hobart/Roncalli game today at 2 p.m.

12/22/20 10:37 AM #36    

Austin Gilliam


Merry Christmas to all !

Austin Gilliam

12/24/20 01:00 PM #37    


Jerry Kettle

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the state of Tennessee.  Enjoy the holidays but remember, Covid-19 is out there, so be careful.

12/24/20 04:44 PM #38    


Debbie Reynolds

Merry Christmas to all of you! God bless you & I hope you all have a great New Year! May 2021 find us all in the best of health! πŸŽ…πŸ€ΆπŸŒ²πŸ¦ŒπŸ’–

12/25/20 12:23 PM #39    


Rod Warren

Merry Christmas from Hobart Indiana sporting a balmy 19 degrees today.  May 2021 bring us all health and peace and happiness and joy.  Merry Christmas.

12/26/20 02:44 PM #40    

Jerry Bodnar

Thanks again Rod, And thanks to everybody working on the committee for the 50th reunion. I know you're all doing a great job and I'm really looking forward to it. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas, and would like to wish everyone A happy new year!  PS, Tank, You are a caveman, Ha Hah!

02/15/21 01:34 PM #41    

Kathy Fasel (McKinney)

Fear walks the night

By: Kathy Fasel McKinney  April 2020

Fear walks the night, pauses, at a threshold and moves on.

Where he enters, no one knows until the dawn when the breath of the loved one falters and is gone.

Silence quivers in the blackness like Poe’s ”Red Death”  that crept through the battlements and encompassed the revelers. Even the prince, who thought he was safe, was stricken by the fear that was mightier than his army.

I have never felt this kind of fear in my home until tonight, as I worry and wait.

Will 19 come here?  Will it strike a loved one?  Will it die in the heat of the summer, never to be felt again, but always in the backs of the minds of those who love, who live, who know its power. 

Where do we hide?

How do we live?

When the next touch, the next breath could be “the one” that stems our own breath. Is this the way God wanted our world to end?  Is this His final touch.

I think not.

God is a gracious and forgiving God.

This evil is not His doing.  His doing is the good that has poured forth as people strive to find a cure, a way to stop this enemy that has invaded our world and  has forced us to hide behind the same walls as Prince Prospero, and the people of Jericho. Walls that came tumbling down with the sound of the midnight toll and the blast of a horn.

Will our walls fall beneath the weight of the fear or will the love of God offer us the Hope, the Will, the Joy of Family and Friends once again as we strive to “live” in the present.

One day at a time. One moment, one second, one life.


02/16/21 04:11 PM #42    


Rod Warren

Thank you Kathy for your words shared.  The brevity of life becomes more apparent as we enter these years.and this time.  We have no guarantees in life. I appreciate the ending of your poem referencing one day one moment one second.  May we be good stewards of our lives.  Kindest wishes to you.

02/16/21 04:46 PM #43    


Diana Hart (Paris)

Our sympathy goes out to you Alice and your family.  We can't begin to imagine how you feel but please know you are in our thoughts and prayers


Diana (Hart) Paris






02/17/21 02:33 PM #44    

Laverna Berry (VanDan)

My heart goes out to Alice. Rest in Peace, Dexter.

03/21/21 11:34 AM #45    


Diana Hart (Paris)

My prayers and heartfelt sympathy goes out to Kay and her family for the loss of Keith.  He was such a nice guy and will be greatly missed by many.               Diana Paris





04/01/21 01:25 PM #46    


Rod Warren

My apologies to Jerry Curtis and Dave Curtis.  I thought I had fixed this a while back but it is now fixed.  I had the yearbook photos of Jerry and Dave switched on their profile pages.  In my defense, this could be conceptually true if they were switched at birth........  hmmmm

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