In Memory

Marcia Newman

  Marcia Newman, age 57.

born Nov. 19, 1953.

died Oct. 11, 2010.

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11/28/11 04:36 AM #1    

Trish (Patricia/Pat) Williamson (Williamson-Cortese-Williamson)

Marcia and I went to L.P.N. school together, the class started in Sept and ended in Aug.  The school was IVY TECH but the classes where in Michigan city.  She drove one week and I drove the other.  I drove a little yellow Pinto and we were on a snowy icey I-94, we were in the middle lane then the third law, back to the second and when we hit the third law again we went airbourne.  We flipped the car end over end, missed hitting the endbankment and landed right side up with no damage.  The state police saw the whole thing stopped to see if we were ok and away they went.  We got to school 30 min. late and could not recieve our degree until we made up the 30 minutes.  It was one of the most trying times as we were flying though the air Marcia is screaming we are going to die and i am screaming my husband will kill me if I wreck this car.  We flipped the car three times and the only mess was sorting out our papers for school.  Marcia was a lot of fun, esp.when you think of us flying airbourne end over end, without a scratch.  God loved her and so did I.

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